Buying Access

How to buy the Access 2016 DBMS

If you have to buy Access 2016 to take this course, there are many ways to go about it, as you may know if you’ve bought software before. A search on the Web will yield dozens of places that sell the software and, depending on which country you’re in, will sometimes offer some discounts. You will probably surf for a few hours and maybe in the end you’ll save $10 or $20.

The simplest way is to go to the Microsoft store online, choose Access 2016, pay $110, download it and run it.

However, if you need the rest of the Office apps (Word, Excel, etc) our recommendation is to go with Office 365.


Notice that it says “Office 365” and not “Office 2016”.
Office 365 is the new marketing plan from Microsoft. It’s a subscription service where you basically rent the software on a monthly or yearly basis. At this moment, Office 365 runs Office 2016. But when Office 2016 gets upgraded, the upgrade will be automatically included.
Office 365 costs 10$ per month or $100 per year (on a yearly subscription you get 2 months free). For anyone serious about doing this kind of work, $100 per year is not a huge expense. Please note that your subscription includes: installation on 5 devices, 1 terabyte of Cloud storage and Skype time.

Warnings: to run on a Mac, Office 365 needs to have at least OSX 10.10 installed. And, more problematic for some: the Mac version of Office 365 does NOT include Access or Publisher.

Setting aside the limitations with the Mac, you’ll find that that Office 365 is a powerful and flexible offering that will see you through all future developments.